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Go grab one ! | The Mozilla Thunderbird Blog

The idea is really simple: there are plenty of features we would love to add to the Thunderbird roadmap but we badly lack the resources to complete them.

Donc leur idée quand ils manquent de ressources, c'est d'augmenter la fréquence des releases, pour être sûr de casser les burnes des testeurs, des développeurs de plugins et des utilisateurs ?


I still don't understand - <Glazblog/>


With another hat on: I'm currently on the Aurora branch.. however I can't upgrade to Fx 7 since none of my extensions are supported. As we've moved through the versions, the TLC of extension developers for their projects has disappeared and the time-to-release for their patches has skyrocketed. I've already given up working on add-ons myself because.. well, frankly, I have a life to worry about. Between reviews, bug fixing and keeping up to date I'd lose all my free time to maintaining them.

With yet another hat on: I work in an enterprise and influence decisions regarding browser adoption. I cannot recommend Firefox in any context, where before I most assuredly could (and from a position of strength).

La nouvelle politique de Mozilla : tu ne sais pas ce que tu vas avoir, mais tu sais ce que tu vas perdre. Une bonne gestion à la WHAT TF.

TenFourFox: A fork of Mozilla Firefox 4 for the Power Macintosh and Mac OS X Tiger PowerPC

But we were horrified

when Mozilla delivered the one-two punch of dropping both support for Tiger

and our beloved Power Macs from Firefox 4. A quad 2.5GHz G5 isn't

worth using to surf the web? Really? And you guys still support Windows XP?

And, of course, Apple's been giving us Power Mac users the proverbial middle

digit since 2006. Remember: think different.


DADVSI : chronique d'un désastre - Standblog - Tristan Nitot sur les standards du W3C, les navigateurs et la technologie

Visiblement trop s'impliquer nuit à la réflexion, et on assiste ici à un Tristan qui se fait plus bête qu'il ne l'est. Ces cris d'orfraie nous rappelle le discours des anti "licence globale", au son de "tous des voleurs, laissez nous vivre". On a droit désormais au "tous des liberticides, laissez nous vivre", dans un élan de mauvaise foi toute aussi bien cachée.

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