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June 2010

Re: HTML4 Diffs - Object, again from L. David Baron on 2010-06-27 ( from June 2010)

I think the HTML4 model was just a spec bug resulting from the use

of DTDs to express the restrictions of the language.

Toujours quelque chose à dire, même quand on ne sait pas de quoi on parle : c'est à ça qu'on reconnaît les membres du WHAT WG.

August 2009

0006390: Group action assign broken again - MantisBT

Not to seem ungrateful, but we're going on four years later and this still has not been fixed as of 1.1.7.

Tiens, on a trouvé pire que Firefox et ses bugs sur la gestion de table-layout:fixed ou de border-collapse:collapse.

June 2009

Chuck’s Blog » Blog Archive » Firefox and border-collapse


Your solution doesn’t solve the problem. If you use border-collapse: separate, and you actually use the borders, the smallest border you can get is 2px, which is not acceptable.

I cannot believe this bug is still around in Firefox 3.

Vous ne rêvez pas, nous sommes en 2009 et Firefox ne sait toujours pas gérer border-collapse correctement. On va se marrer avec CSS3.

January 2009

Prevent Windows XP from searching inside ZIP and CAB files, without breaking Windows XP's native ZIP / CAB support

When you initiate a file search in Windows XP, it searches for files inside ZIP and CAB archives. Most people don't want this feature [...] This prevents Windows XP Search companion from looking inside Zip and Cab archives when performing a file search.

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