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David A. Mellis: Fab Speakers

Étiquettes : diy audio.

Alors, pour fabriquer ces hauts-parleurs, il vous faudra : des hauts-parleurs, une scie à bois laser. C'est le bricolage 2.0.


The Aquarium: News from the GlassFish Community

SpringSource has announced the acquisition of G2One the Groovy and Grails specialist company. Congrats to both! [...] Maybe SpringSource will be able to finish JSR 241? It has been more than 4 years since the EG formed...

La bonne blague !


TPAC 2007 - URI-Based Extensibility: Benefits, Deviations, Lessons-Learned - W3C Q&A Weblog

Ian Hickson stresses out that there is little value to give URI for microformats for example, and that you still need knowledge of the vocabulary to implement it.

Next (logical) step: there is little value in microformats.

Anti-Grain Geometry - Texts Rasterization Exposures

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It looks like Microsoft API is a huge set of ill-considered random ad-hoc solutions, with no engineering culture and no any common idea behind.

N'est-ce pas là une conséquence directe du processus de recrutement de Microsoft, qui a tendance à privilégier les bricoleurs de génie ?


MacMINI in SE30

Tout est dans le titre.

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