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Fans, but no frenzy, await iPad -- Shanghai Daily | 上海日报 -- English Window to China New

Although Apple announced it would issue reservation tickets yesterday afternoon for the iPad's debut this morning, to prevent customers from rushing for them, only about 10 people were lined up for the products at 4pm yesterday, willing to wait throughout the night to be the first batch of buyers.

Ces chinois, ils n'ont rien compris à l'avenir.


Quakes slow cyber connections -- Shanghai Daily | 上海日报 -- English Window to China New

SHANGHAI'S international Internet connections slowed significantly yesterday after earthquakes rocked Taiwan and southern Japan. It was unclear last night how long repairs might take.

Millions of Chinese Netizens were unable to connect to overseas Websites or use popular online chat tools yesterday afternoon.

Censure plus efficace que le Great Firewall of China : les câbles sous-marins en zone sismique. Tous les 3 ans ça pète.


Jarrett Wrisley - Zaijian, Zhongguo, for now.

Throwing six years into two suitcases at the moment.

I'll be back, from Bangkok, in a few days.

I'll avoid the crushing sentimentality that comes with such a move and just say thanks to all my friends, and to this great country. It's been a fascinating six -and-a-half years. I'll miss you, China. But that's for another time.

Le départ de Chine d'un chroniqueur gastronomique de référence (à Shanghai à notre époque en tout cas).

First American in China: The Shanghai Think Tank

As we swerved around another pile of rubble and some pylons along Tianmu Rd. I asked him whether it was tougher to drive a tank in the army or to drive a cab in Shanghai ? He didn't hesitate: "driving a cab in Shanghai".

"Oh Huaihai Lu palapapapa" (sur l'air de "Les Champs-Elysées", J. Dassin).

Shanghaiist: Photos: Pudong Airport's new terminal

[...] and a sports bar called “Champions” Serving up Potato skins, Ribs, Buffalo Wings and other western crowd pleasers.

Ces américains, toujours seuls au monde :-) Enfin bref, maintenant pour manger au T1, on fera tout simplement un crochet au T2.

Visualisation en 3D - Carnets de La Grange

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Je suis resté en admiration devant la maquette pour illustrer le projet (non réalisé) d'aménagement du nouveau quartier de Lu Jia Zui à Shanghai.

On a échappé au pire... on a déjà le Shiji Park pour faire un gros trou inhabité au milieu de Pudong.


O rage, ô désespoir - Bilou en Chine

Un beau ciel Shanghaïen, avec exceptionnellement une très bonne visibilité. Cliquez sur la photo pour agrandir :-)

Oui oui et la voiture jaune - Bilou en Chine

Shanghaï comme on l'aime, ou la vraie vie du baroudeur dans le pays qui explose.


Shanghaiist: Interview: Paul French, author

Carl understood the essential truth of the ex-pat experience in China -- you don’t change China, China changes you -- and if you don’t like it then leave.

'When in Rome' theory applied at last to Shanghai

Un soutien de poids dans la lutte contre les carpettes !