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26 June 2006

Web 2.0 Directory : 1007 Web 2.0 Sites in 50 categories : eConsultant

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There are 1007 Web 2.0 sites/services/links in 50 categories. Pick a category.

Tech creates a bubble for kids - Yahoo! News

Raised by parents who stressed individualism and informality, these young people grew up in a society that is more open and offers more choices than in their parents' youth, says child and adolescent psychologist Dave Verhaagen of Charlotte. Unlike their parents, they have never known anything but a world dominated by technology. Even their social lives revolve around the Web, iPods and cellphones. So they dress down, talk loose and reveal their innermost thoughts online. "Put that all together and you've got a generation that doesn't have the same concept of privacy and personal boundaries as generations before," Verhaagen says.

Review of the Year's Best Web 2.0 Explanations (

I'd like to end things with a roll-up of all this year's Web 2.0 discussions and explanation. I know that many people are still struggling with what Web 2.0 means, are often confused by thinking it's purely a marketing term, or if you're like most folks, you haven't really heard about it yet. To those, I think this list will definitely help. And it's a good refresher for all of us Web 2.0 followers as well.

25 June 2006

The Cluetrain Manifesto — Entire Text Index Page

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New relationships between companies and clients.

24 June 2006 - Sorrell warns of e-communities ‘threat’

worried ad man moans about perceived threat to his job

Guardian Unlimited Arts |Hype and glory

As Alan McGee books a made-up band, Dave Simpson looks at the science of creating a buzz

ProgrammableWeb: Mashup Dashboard

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Hundreds of mashups with new updates daily


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"Web 2.0 Design in a nutshell." Good article about current trends | Why Web 2.0 will end your privacy

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We all know the plushy, rounded, pastel-coloured faces of Web 2.0. MySpace. Digg. Flickr. The achingly trendy Silicon Valley startups that are selling for millions to big media conglomerates and making their founders into stars. Tom Anderson. Kevin Rose. These are the pinups of the Web 2.0 generation - but little do they know the monster they've created.

Guardian Unlimited Technology | Dotbomb survivors face new frenzies

Five years after the crash the economic fallout has been limited but there are fears of fresh bubbles in property, oil and commodities

Time for Web 2.0 to get real |

What Tom and many others discovered to their cost was a fundamental flaw in the Web 2.0 era: a complete disregard for accountability to their users among service providers.

Digg: 'newspaper of the Web', or its gossip column?

For Michael Arrington, “Digg is looking more and more like the newspaper of the web.” Given that the only “news” Digg actually provides is commentary on other’s news, in what it calls “digg user news" (your latest diggs, or someone else's), however, I hope Digg does not represent our newspapers of the future.

» Digg users spurred to register and contribute |

My story yesterday, “Digg’s 8 million “social freeloaders”, in which I discuss the Social Web’s very low user contribution ratio, has spurred passive Digg readers to become active Digg contributors!

Web 2.0 Business Models - TECHNOSIGHT

Today’s Web startups are not entirely unlike their predecessors when it comes to the way they are thinking about making money. The differences for “Web 2.0″ type companies stem not from their preferred business models - models that are very similar to their counterparts - but in the forces influencing the implementation of those models.

22 June 2006

20 June 2006

19 June 2006

adaptive path » the web 2.0 experience continuum

There’s been a lot of talk about the technology of Web 2.0, but only a little about the impact these technologies will have on user experience. Everyone wants to tell you what Web 2.0 means, but how will it feel? What will it be like for users?