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24 June 2006

Gabor's Blog: What's Missing in Web 2.0?

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Web applications replacing the desktop? Here are two problems we need to solve before that can happen.

Digg: 'newspaper of the Web', or its gossip column?

For Michael Arrington, “Digg is looking more and more like the newspaper of the web.” Given that the only “news” Digg actually provides is commentary on other’s news, in what it calls “digg user news" (your latest diggs, or someone else's), however, I hope Digg does not represent our newspapers of the future.

» Digg users spurred to register and contribute |

My story yesterday, “Digg’s 8 million “social freeloaders”, in which I discuss the Social Web’s very low user contribution ratio, has spurred passive Digg readers to become active Digg contributors!

We Media

We are at the beginning of a Golden Age of journalism — but it is not journalism as we have known it. Media futurists have predicted that by 2021, "citizens will produce 50 percent of the news peer-to-peer." However, mainstream news media have yet to me

Web 2.0 Business Models - TECHNOSIGHT

Today’s Web startups are not entirely unlike their predecessors when it comes to the way they are thinking about making money. The differences for “Web 2.0″ type companies stem not from their preferred business models - models that are very similar to their counterparts - but in the forces influencing the implementation of those models.

23 June 2006

Introduction to Web 2.0 on Squidoo

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Web 2.0 is an term referring to the ongoing transition to a full participatory Web, with participation including both humans and machines.

22 June 2006

21 June 2006

20 June 2006

19 June 2006

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