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Sondage du JdNet Dév: Quel framework PHP utilisez-vous le plus souvent ?

C'est moi ou ils citent PDT comme un framework alors que ça n'a rien à voir ? En tout cas, ZF et Symfony mènent la danse.


Livre Blanc : Frameworks PHP pour l’entreprise

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Un livre blanc présentant les frameworks majeurs disponibles pour PHP, en mettant en évidence leurs zones de confort et inconfort


Zend Framework

Zend_Service_Flickr est une API simple pour utiliser le service Wev REST de Flick. Pour pouvoir utiliser lew services Web Flickr, vous devez avoir une clé d'utilisation de l'API.

2005 » Notes from the php|architect Zend Framework Webcast

I took some notes along the way of what the Zend folks talked about, and I wanted to go through it for those out there that didn’t get a chance to attend

Chris Shiflett: Zend Framework Webcast

The core focus of the framework is Extreme Simplicity. In order to achieve this, it must be very easy to use. This doesn't just mean that it must be simple to write code - it also needs to be useful in existing PHP environments without the need for external libraries or custom modifications.

Never Dreamt Before: Which is A Best One?

I still wondering which one MVC framework projects I should be uses? Or I must be waiting for Zend Framework.

Zend Framework Webcast | Professional PHP

I won't try to summarize the webcast here, but instead offer a few impressions.

PHP Collaboration Project

Les supers use cases du Zend PHP Framework... :(

"PHP Collaboration Project" vs. "PHP Community Process" - ThinkPHP /dev/blog

Frankly, PCP reminds me on an idea I had 6 to 12 months ago and briefly discussed it with Zak Greant (who discussed it with one of the inventors of the JCP, the Java Community Process with its JSR's), IIRC Stig Bakken and others. We called it "PHP Community Process"

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