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Sondage du JdNet Dév: Quel framework PHP utilisez-vous le plus souvent ?

C'est moi ou ils citent PDT comme un framework alors que ça n'a rien à voir ? En tout cas, ZF et Symfony mènent la danse.


Zend et Adobe fédèrent leurs outils de développement

Afin de faciliter la conception d'applications Internet riches utilisant les technologies Flex et PHP, Zend et Adobe vont rapprocher leurs plates-formes et leurs outils de développement.

Livre Blanc : Frameworks PHP pour l’entreprise

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Un livre blanc présentant les frameworks majeurs disponibles pour PHP, en mettant en évidence leurs zones de confort et inconfort


APAC Hoster Evangelist : At last, Windows-optimized PHP 5.2.1 has been released!

This release contains many fixes Zend has contributed to improve the performance of the PHP scripting engine on Windows as part of our collaboration effort to make PHP rock on Windows / IIS.

Zend Framework

Zend_Service_Flickr est une API simple pour utiliser le service Wev REST de Flick. Pour pouvoir utiliser lew services Web Flickr, vous devez avoir une clé d'utilisation de l'API.


Seven great PHP IDEs compared

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Discover what you should expect from an integrated development environment (IDE), and compare the cost and benefits of seven popular IDE choices.

2005 » Notes from the php|architect Zend Framework Webcast

I took some notes along the way of what the Zend folks talked about, and I wanted to go through it for those out there that didn’t get a chance to attend

Chris Shiflett: Zend Framework Webcast

The core focus of the framework is Extreme Simplicity. In order to achieve this, it must be very easy to use. This doesn't just mean that it must be simple to write code - it also needs to be useful in existing PHP environments without the need for external libraries or custom modifications.

Never Dreamt Before: Which is A Best One?

I still wondering which one MVC framework projects I should be uses? Or I must be waiting for Zend Framework.

Zend Framework Webcast | Professional PHP

I won't try to summarize the webcast here, but instead offer a few impressions.

PHP Collaboration Project

Les supers use cases du Zend PHP Framework... :(

"PHP Collaboration Project" vs. "PHP Community Process" - ThinkPHP /dev/blog

Frankly, PCP reminds me on an idea I had 6 to 12 months ago and briefly discussed it with Zak Greant (who discussed it with one of the inventors of the JCP, the Java Community Process with its JSR's), IIRC Stig Bakken and others. We called it "PHP Community Process"


Zend is joining the Eclipse Foundation as a Strategic Developer. Zend is now proposing to lead a project focused on PHP within Eclipse

Zend Core for Oracle - Register & Download

Zend Core™ for Oracle® supports businesses using PHP with Oracle Database for business-critical Web applications. It provides a seamless out-of-the-box experience delivering a stable, high performance, easy-to-install and supported PHP development and production environment fully integrated with the Oracle Database.

Zend Technologies - PECL Tutorials - Introducing Service Data Objects for PHP

Service Data Objects (SDOs) have been around in the Java technology world since November 2003. They are designed as a means of simplifying and unifying working with heterogeneous data sources. In February 2005, IBM and Zend announced a strategic partnership to collaborate on the development and support of the PHP environment. One aspect of this collaboration has been the definition and implementation of SDOs for PHP. This article gives an overview of SDOs and the motivations for using them in the PHP environment. A simple contact management scenario is used to illustrate key concepts. Service Data Objects for PHP extension

IBM travaille vraiment avec Zend à l'amélioration de PHP, ça fait plaisir !

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