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18 April 2006

Comparing XSLT and XQuery

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XSLT 2.0 and XQuery 1.0 have been developed by two Working Groups in close collaboration, and there is a high degree of overlap in the functionality of the two languages. They share many common concepts, such as the underlying data model, and they both include the whole of XPath 2.0 as a sublanguage, together with its extensive repertoire of data types and the associated function library.

07 April 2006

X-Hive Corporation - Products - The fastest and most scalable XML database powered by open standards

X-Hive/DB is a powerful native XML database designed for software developers who require advanced XML data processing and storage functionality within their applications. The comprehensive X-Hive/DB Java API contains methods for storing, querying, retrieving, transforming and publishing XML data.

eXist : Une base de données XML interrogeable avec XPath et XQuery

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eXist peut non seulement s'intégrer très facilement dans une application Java (via une servlet - XQueryServlet -, un composant Cocoon - XQueryGenerator - , ou l'utilisation de l'API XML:DB), mais elle peut également être utilisée dans de nombreux autres langages grâce à ses API REST et XML-RPC. Il existe d'ailleurs des API Pyhon et PHP

Open Source Native XML Database

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eXist is an Open Source native XML database featuring efficient, index-based XQuery processing, automatic indexing, extensions for full-text search, XUpdate support and tight integration with existing XML development tools

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