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Microsoft donates code to Apache Stonehenge project

"The whole point of standards is to provide for interoperability, but so many are implemented in slightly different ways that the desired interoperability is not achieved," said [...] Jason Bloomberg.


Anne Thomas Manes: Why SOA needs UDDI now

The importance of the UDDI standard in the future of SOA is highlighted in a new Burton Group Inc. report, "Registry Services: The Foundation for SOA Governance" by Anne Thomas Manes, research director at the analyst firm. In this interview, Manes explains why after being ignored for so long, the OASIS UDDI standard now at version 3.0, is finally moving up the adoption curve.


The Cafes ¬Ľ REST vs. WS-*: A Parable

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A couple of years ago Water Supply-Strategic Tactical Air Recycling (WS-STAR) opened up a branch in our town. WS-* (as my IM crazy kids would type) came about from the merger of Secure Operations Air and Power (SOAP) with Expert Machine Lubrication: Radiators, Power, and Cooling (XML-RPC).

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