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ecommr: a collection of e-commerce interface and design elements

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ecommr is a website showcasing the best (and sometimes worst) in e-commerce design, with a clear focus on the individual elements that make up online stores.

jQuery Flash Plugin

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Inspired by tools like SWFObject, UFO and sIFR, but written line-by-line for jQuery — no other scripts required. Less redundancy (jQuery and sIFR both find elements by css selectors and do browser detection, sIFR and SWFObject both do Flash detection) m


Apple Human Interface Guidelines: Making Design Decisions

When making design decisions regarding features in your application, it’s important to weigh the costs, not all of which are financial, against the potential benefits. Every time you add a feature to your application, the following things can happen: * Your application gets larger. * Your application gets slower. * Your application’s human interface becomes more complex. * You spend time developing new features rather than refining existing features. * Your application’s documentation and help become more extensive. * You run the risk of introducing changes that could adversely affect existing features. * You increase the time required to validate the behavior of your application.


uPortal 3 User Interface - uPortal - JA-SIG Wiki

Un excellent travail préparatoire pour la conception de l'interface du portail logiciel libre uPortal dans sa version 3