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June 2006

elemental links: LogicBlaze FUSE - Open Source SOA Platform

LogicBlaze, the company behind the (now Apache incubating) ServiceMix ESB and ActiveMQ messaging solution recently announced the availability of FUSE - an Open Source SOA Platform. FUSE is centered on ServiceMix (which I posted on here), aggregating components from several open source projects

LogicBlaze - Software FUSE Features

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LogicBlaze FUSE provides a complete runtime environment for SOA, providing a reliable, scalable and manageable environment for orchestrated Web services, composite applications and event-driven business processes across distributed, loosely-coupled systems and services.

December 2005

FiveSight Technologies :: Process eXecution Engine

PXE is a modular business process execution engine with support for business processes described in the OASIS Web Services Business Process Execution Language (WS-BPEL 2.0) or in the legacy vendor specification BPEL4WS 1.1

November 2005

ServiceMix - Home

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ServiceMix is an open source distributed Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and SOA toolkit built from the ground up on the semantics and APIs of the Java Business Integration (JBI) specification JSR 208 and released under the Apache license

August 2005

Synapse to spark web services connections

Called Synapse, the Apache-sponsored project aims to define code for a distributed web services intermediary, to handle connectivity, transformation and routing of messages as they flow between service providers and consumers.

SynapseProposal - Incubator Wiki

Synapse will be a robust, lightweight implementation of a highly scalable and distributed service broker / ESB based on Web services specifications.

June 2005

Les bus de services d'entreprise envahissent l'univers Open Source

Coup sur coup, Iona et Sun ont dévoilé des initiatives d'ESB Open Source. Des projets qui pourraient venir concurrencer les grandes solutions d’intégration propriétaires.