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12 February 2007

Forrester narrows list of specs for Web services

"The place to really watch, if you're a conservative watcher and you don't want to watch much in the industry about these emerging specifications is WS-I," he said. "It's putting together answers to technical questions that people need answered if they want things to work together for Web services interoperability."

31 January 2007

The Impact Of SOA and Web Services On Wide-Area Networks @ SOA WORLD MAGAZINE

The widespread adoption of distributed computing has been prognosticated for many years. Finally, a critical mass has been created of both enabling and demand trends that will ultimately realize the promised wave of distributed computing applications. This wave of distributed computing will have a profound impact on businesses and government agencies in many ways - and one area that will be particularly affected is wide-area networks (WAN).

11 January 2007

Web Services Security Interoperability Using Web Services Enhancement 2.0 and Systinet Server 5.0 for Java

This article shows Interoperability based on OASIS WS-Security 1.0 between Microsoft WSE 2.0 and Systinet Server for Java 5.0. The walkthroughs in this article will take you through all you need to know to configure the two environments for securely signing and encrypting SOAP requests and responses using X509 certificates.

Principles of Service Design: Service Versioning

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This paper is focusing on fundamental guidelines for versioning schemas and Web services. Six specific principles for versioning Web services are identified

Principles of Service Design: Service Patterns and Anti-Patterns

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The Principles of Service Design series has been developed to communicate best practices and sample codes when relevant. The first in this multi-paper series, this paper provides fundamental principles for designing and implementing Web services, including a brief review of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) concepts and a detailed discussion of several patterns and anti-patterns that developers can leverage when building Web services. Guidance is applicable to any programming language or platform for which Web services can be developed and deployed

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