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Check Username Availability at Multiple Social Networking Sites

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Si vous êtes comme moi et vous inscrivez irrésistiblement sur tous les nouveaux services « Web 2.0 », voilà de quoi faire le ménage...


Oxymoronical » Nightly Tester Tools

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"This extension adds a few extras useful to those that regularly test nightly builds of Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird and Toolkit Seamonkey (Suiterunner)."

Perspectives : Firefox Extension

"an extension to the popular Firefox browser that contacts network notaries whenever your browser connects an HTTPS website"

Email Delivery: Return Path Global ISP Relations for Email Service Providers

"They’ll know what their emails will look like across all major readers, both in preview mode and after the messages have been opened."


Malarkey Software - Software - dead.licious

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dead.licious is a tool for verifying that all of your bookmarks in your, ma.gnolia, or Simpy accounts are still valid and gives you the option of removing or fixing those dead links.

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