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26 June 2005 16:15

WeBreakStuff - Blog » 5 steps to a better blog - Part 2

This second part of the “5 steps to a better blog” series focusses on letting users find your content. It talks about some measures you can take in order to guarantee that even old posts get the attention they deserve. While the first part was a little more practical and discussed correct typography usage for the web, this one goes into how things should be organized and located in order to actually be found by your blog readers.

WeBreakStuff - Blog » 5 steps to a better blog - Part 1

There’s a whole lot of blogs out there that provide valuable content to readers but don’t get enough attention. Is yours one of them? Sometimes, a few changes in the user experience is all it takes to get people to actually read what you have to say. These usability tips specifically for bloggers will help you make your current readers happier and most likely get you a few more in the process.