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MOAT : donner du sens à vos tags | Les petites cases

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MOAT permet d'associer à un tag une URI. Une description de la notion du tag encodée en RDF est associée à cette URI. Ainsi, le tag n'est plus seulement une chaîne de caractères, mais possède un véritable sens donné par l'ensemble des triples RDF


CURIE Syntax 1.0

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Namespaces for URIs ?

About at The geoURI scheme

The ‘geo’ Uniform Resorce Identifier (URI) aims to facilitate, support and standardize part of the interaction with geospatial services and applications. Accessing information about or trigger further services based on a particular place on earth shouldn’t be any harder than writing an email by clicking on a ‘mailto:’ link.

Joe Gregorio | BitWorking | URI and IRI Templates, Oy

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When I first started looking at URI templates I was surprised no one had written a specifiction for them yet. It seemed so simple, "just" add {name} to the URI and then substitute with a value at a later time. After bashing my head against the wall for a couple weeks, here is a synopsis of the character encoding issues involved in doing URI and IRI Templates.

Why you should be using disambiguated URLs

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There’s one aspect of URL design that is often ignored. Good URLs should be unambiguous. By that, I mean that any logical piece of content should have one and only one definitive URL, with any alternatives acting as a permanent redirect.

RFC 3987: Internationalized Resource Identifier (IRI)

This document defines a new protocol element, the Internationalized Resource Identifier (IRI), as a complement to the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). An IRI is a sequence of characters from the Universal Character Set (Unicode/ISO 10646). A mapping from IRIs to URIs is defined, which means that IRIs can be used instead of URIs, where appropriate, to identify resources.


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