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JSR 168, WSRP, Portlets & Enterprise Portal

You will find everything related to portlets, enterprise portal servers, WSRP & JSR 168. Issues include Portlet FAQ, Source Codes, Tutorials, Examples, Study Material, News, and Articles related to Portal and Portlet technology.


Le Bar de Gandi - Beta 0.1

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Le bar des repreneurs de Gandi

Tag Tuesday

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Welcome to the Tag Tuesday weblog! We created this weblog as a meeting place for implementors of tag-based tools online. You can expect to see more posts highlighting available tagging tools and websites as well as face-to-face gatherings to discuss tagging.

Towards tag-based bookmark management in web browsers? (

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So since playing with Flickr and working on a little fun project at work on (cough) folksonomies with Mr Webb, I've become obsessed with tags and the ways in which they can be used to build better navigational interfaces. Currently I'm interested in how we might use tags for better folder-less bookmark management in web browsers.

Semtags et le web fait un saut quantique

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parfois, des tags en deux parties genre : groupe:indochine et pays:indochine, groupe:Frantz ferdinand et persone:Frantz ferdinand, m'apparait comme une solution facile à utiliser. [...] Se sont des services comme flickr et technorati qui ont vraiment posé le probleme en implémentant un système de tags flat et le premier qui aura la bonne réponse et expliquera aux autres comment implémenter un système sémantique changera la face du web