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05 February 2007

Flickcurl: C library for the Flickr Web Service API

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This utility uses the photos.getInfo API to interpret the description fields and the tags for a photo URI into RDF triples. If raptor is present, it will be used to provide proper serializing to RDF rather than the built in and hacky ntriples/turtle output. Machine tags when they are found are scanned for xmlns:prefix=uri and then all other machine tags with that prefix turn into triples. Several prefixes are also pre-defined by the library to automatically get turned into triples without an xmlns, such as blue:, cell:, filter: and geo:. Non-machine tags are not yet interpreted.

25 January 2007

geobloggers » Blog Archive » Advanced Tagging and TripleTags

Users are great and smart and do cool stuff, you can’t stop them. Therefore it’s no surprise to see them constantly pushing things to the limit, and this is why we’re seeing the start of curious tagging methods.

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