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March 2006

·» Web Analytics Embedded JavaScript Page Tracking Code: Place at the top or bottom of the page? - Antezeta

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Web Analytics system vendors provide instructions specifying where to place the JavaScript code in a site's html pages. Usually the tracking code is placed in the page heading section (<head>), or at the page bottom, right before the body closing tag, </body>.

November 2005

wg:A (slightly) better technique for "Back to Top" links.

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Browsers with JavaScript turned on move to the top of the page without relying on extra tags or leaving a fragment in the address bar. Others fall back to the default link behavior.

October 2005

A Venture Forth » Blog Archive » Top 10 Ajax Applications

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Following are my picks for the 10 best Ajax applications. Selection criteria: (1) an appropriate combination of simplicity and rich functionality, (2) somehow compelling (hard to define, but I know it when I see it), (3) the more interactive, the better, and (4) free. Also, in this exercise, I’m focused on startups, so I’m not including anything from Google (maps, Suggest), Microsoft (Kahuna), or Yahoo (Flickr).

Freebox TV: les stats

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Top12Live - Les 12 meilleures audiences Ensemble Freebox TV en instantané

May 2005

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