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Ajaxian » TIBCO GI Performance Profiler

TIBCO has released a new open source Ajax Performance Profiler that aims to answer the questions: How long did it take that service to respond? ...did it take for that component to render? ...that data to parse? ...for that function to execute?

Ajaxian » TIBCO General Interface 3.2 Released: Check out our exclusive screencast

It is really worth checking out this short screencast as it shows you what a pow erful tool GI is, and we are constantly surprised at how fast and feature full i t is. Sometimes we get excited at a new Foo components for Prototype, and then we remember that GI has hundreds of components :)


LCblog | ESB: time to grow up | Aug 11th 2005 8:32pm

While some of its rivals have descended into a puerile debate about who was first, Sonic Software is showing admirable maturity in its handling of ESB evolution. But will it follow through to the logical conclusion and leave the acronym behind?

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