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2010 - MetaX

"MetaX is a meta-data tagger for MP4 files and their derivatives, as well as QuickTime movie files."


Folksonomies | Bulletin des Bibliothèques de France

Les folksonomies constituent la possibilité pour l’usager d’indexer des documents afin qu’il puisse plus aisément les retrouver grâce à un système de mots-clés. Le concept est lié à l’accroissement et à l’accélération de la production d’informations.

Flickr: Discussing "Friends on Flickr" for Facebook in Flickr API

I've developed a Facebook Platform application for Flickr users called "Friends on Flickr" that focuses on Facebook friend tagging of Flickr photos using machine tags and a simple, straightforward profile tab for sharing both your own public content and content tagged with your Facebook id in the larger public repository.

Tagaholic - I Am Machine Tag And So Can You

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This post explains how you can use machine tags with your next web app or even your blog.


SCOT:Let’s Share Tags! » papers about tag ontologies

There are many efforts to bridge between social tagging and Semantic Web technologies. Although we focused on representation issues of tagging activities, it might be useful to know current efforts.

Lostify » About Lostify

Lostify is a metadata tagger for MP4 videos. It runs on Mac OS X, and the tags it produces aim to be compatible with iTunes, the iPod, iPhone, Front Row and Apple TV.

MOAT : donner du sens à vos tags | Les petites cases

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MOAT permet d'associer à un tag une URI. Une description de la notion du tag encodée en RDF est associée à cette URI. Ainsi, le tag n'est plus seulement une chaîne de caractères, mais possède un véritable sens donné par l'ensemble des triples RDF

Dan Grossman - Open Calais Tags

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Open Calais Tags is a PHP class for extracting entities from text using Open Calais. Calais performs semantic analysis of the text, using natural language processing to identify concepts like people, companies and technologies discussed in the text


Lazy Sheep Bookmarklet

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Borrowing the tags and descriptions shared by other users, Lazy Sheep makes tagging a page a one-click operation

Comment exploiter le Web 2.0 pour la veille et la recherche d'information? » Digimind

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Blogs, wikis, RSS, podcast, réseaux sociaux, folksonomies, tags... l’apparition du web 2.0 représente une évolution du web où l'internaute devient actif. Ce document présente ces sources d’informations pour la veille et la recherche d’informati

TagCommons » About

TagCommons is a place and a process for us to create ways to share and interoperate over tagging data. We believe that the world should have the benefits of rich social tagging across applications, communities, and spaces. - Software

The GeoTagging Automator Action automatically tags your images with geographical coordinates and elevation data from a GPS track file. It supports a great range of image formats, including many raw image formats like Canon CR2, Nikon NEF and Adobe DNG.

Simpy | Firefox Add-ons | Mozilla Corporation

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Adds social bookmarking capabilities with tags and notes to Firefox. Powered by

ongoing · Tag Scheme?

For the tags to be interoperable and meaningful across weblogs, one could start using '' as the scheme

Flickcurl: C library for the Flickr Web Service API

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This utility uses the photos.getInfo API to interpret the description fields and the tags for a photo URI into RDF triples. If raptor is present, it will be used to provide proper serializing to RDF rather than the built in and hacky ntriples/turtle output. Machine tags when they are found are scanned for xmlns:prefix=uri and then all other machine tags with that prefix turn into triples. Several prefixes are also pre-defined by the library to automatically get turned into triples without an xmlns, such as blue:, cell:, filter: and geo:. Non-machine tags are not yet interpreted.

Ladies and gentlemen : Machine tags

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We are rolling out a new feature called "machine tags" that allows users to be more precise in how they tag, and how they search, their photos.

geobloggers » Blog Archive » Advanced Tagging and TripleTags

Users are great and smart and do cool stuff, you can’t stop them. Therefore it’s no surprise to see them constantly pushing things to the limit, and this is why we’re seeing the start of curious tagging methods.

[uf-discuss] a very early draft proposal hTagcloud

This is why I used nested EMs on the Technorati tag cloud markup. Only requires CSS1 selectors - works like a charm in IE. Even if you can't count how many EMs there are, the CSS selectors can.

Tagcloud uf? at microformatique - a blog about microformats and “data at the edges”

here is a very first stab at an hTagcloud microformat proposal. Some of it is contingent on the resolution of the issues outlined above and summarized below.