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Utiliser un client Subversion sur GitHub, c'est possible !

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Malgré l'annonce faite le 1er avril, c'est bel et bien possible, et le support des commit arrive aussi, incroyable.

AXE SVN Sync | Get AXE SVN Sync at

"Handy PHP5 tool which mirrors two SVN repositories by reproducing each and every commit


Code Intensity: SVN Externals are Evil

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"the whole svn:externals thing seems a bit like a hack, or at least not a first class citizen in SVN land"

DesignSvn - Subversion for Designers

"DesignSvn is an application created for designers and graphic artists to easily share their concepts and refer back to older revisions. Keep your projects organized in one central place and gather feedback from your clients as you progress."

Remise à plat des plugins sur la Zone SPIP

Attention, tempête prévue dans le svn de la zone SPIP, les plugins vont enfin être sortis des dossiers _dev_, _test_ et _stable_ qui ne voulaient plus rien dire, donc si vous avez des svn:externals sur les plugins...


InfoQ: Version Control for Multiple Agile Teams

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If we have several agile development teams working on the same codebase, how do we minimize the risk of stumbling over each other? How do we ensure that there always is a clean, releasable version at the end of each iteration?

Flickr Code

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Welcome to Your one-stop shop for information, gossip and discussion with the Flickr developer community

A Visual Guide to Version Control | BetterExplained

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This guide is purposefully high-level: most tutorials throw a bunch of text commands at you. I prefer to cover the high-level concepts without getting stuck in the syntax (the manual is always there, don’t worry). Sometimes it’s nice to see what’s p

OOoSVN | repository for Extensions

A project to provide change control for documents via SVN. Transparently checks in internal changes in files and allows users to recover any previous version, view logs and compare with older versions. Works under Unix/Linux and Mac OSX.


Mon site SPIP

Un site de démo de SPIP basé sur la version svn

Streamed Lines: Branching Patterns for Parallel Software Development

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Most software version control systems provide mechanisms for branching into multiple lines of development and merging source code from one development line into another. However, the techniques, policies and guidelines for using these mechanisms are often misapplied or not fully understood. This is unfortunate, since the use or misuse of branching and merging can make or break a parallel software development project. Streamed Lines is a pattern language for organizing related lines of development into appropriately diverging and converging streams of source code changes.

Metissian - Projects - Mac OS X Packages - Subversion

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Starting with Subversion 1.3.1, our packages will be built containing Universal Binaries with native support for both PowerPC and Intel Macs

Buildix from ThoughtWorks :: project start-up in a box

Continuous Integration, Source Control, a Wiki and a Bug-Tracker are all cornerstones of a functioning Agile development project.


Subversion Cheat Sheet

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Trucs et astuces Subversion sur un unique un PDF imprimable.

Introducing Subversion

Elliotte Rusty Harold introduces Subversion, an open source, multiuser version control system that supports non-ASCII text and binary data. Follow along as Elliotte shows you how to configure Subversion support in Eclipse (via the Subclipse plug-in), check out a project, synchronize with your repository, and then run common operations such as merge, patch, diff, and delete.

Polarion Community

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The Subversive project is a brand new Eclipse plug-in that provides Subversion support. From a user point of view, Subversive provides Subversion support similar to CVS support, which is already part of the standard Eclipse platform.

SitePoint Blogs » Using SVN for Web Development

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As CVS is quite dated and Subversion (SVN) introduced some handy features (atomic transactions, Apache piggybacking, more convenient branching/tagging, tons of other improvements), we chose to go with SVN. The big question was: how to use it correctly?

Version Control Systems Comparison

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This is a comparison of version-control systems. It is split into several categories and sub-categories under which the systems are checked.