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April 2007

Is Amazon S3 the first Tier 0 Internet Service? | magpiebrain

If Flickr and it’s ilk could be considered tier one applications, then surely Amazon S3 much be considered a tier zero service.

January 2007

How I automated my backups to Amazon S3 using s3sync. | John Eberly’s Geek Blog

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I wanted a simple low level tool to perform automatic backups S3. I decided to use s3sync to do the heavy lifting and use the jets3t Cockpit GUI to monitor my S3 account. The following explains how I successfully started automating my backups to S3 using s3sync and cockpit.

JungleDisk and Amazon S3: Secure, Redundant, Encrypted Backup | Andy Wibbels

When first announced, S3 didn't make much of a splash with consumers because there weren't any applications for it yet - it was simply a service waiting for the geeks to write something fantastic for it. That fantastic application is here: JungleDisk.

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