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November 2005

Star Wars s'expose à la Cité des sciences : Star Wars Expo

Annoncée comme l'événement de la saison à la Cité des sciences et de l'industrie, l'exposition Star Wars a bénéficié d'une très bonne couverture médiatique lors de son lancement le 18 octobre dernier. Costumes, décors, maquettes ou dessins, plus de 150 objets tirés des collections de Lucas Film et ayant servis aux tournages sont présentés sur 1500 m² avec en toile de fond de multiples extraits vidéos et sonores.

September 2005

STAR WARS L'EXPO - Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie

Une expo Star Wars à la Cité des Sciences de La Villette, pour tout savoir des secrets de la saga de George Lucas !

May 2005

Star Wars Extras - Jedi Contradictions: Vol. 1 - Hub

From the Journal of the Whills, Book THX, verse 1138: And Lo, he named George, formerly of Modesto, shall create a story set in a galaxy far, far away and long, long ago: and he shall squeeze all of mythology into a soup, and all of culture too; and he shall pour said soup into a samurai helmet held by a dark father of Dutch extraction, which resembleth an umbréd glans; and he shall, ere the womp rat spins thrice, bring forth a new religion unto the Campbellites: and it shall be known as A New Hope. And even as the Empire shall striketh backeth, the Jedi shall Return; and this blue harvest will, ere it be reaped, bring forth the Star Wars prequels. And therein shall he make many mistakes and blaspheme against his earlier self, and many shall say in the tops of their voices, that older George is not worthy to tie the shoelaces of younger George; but the truly wise shall see, that in despite of his errors, George shall be known as the maker of myths for his time, and his glories sung with the chief bards of all the ages. And then he shall make Howard the Duck 2. And he shall make Howard the Duck: The Special Edition, and Jeffrey Jones shall shoot first.

April 2005

Diagrams :: Star Wars Origami

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Why combine Star Wars and paperfolding? Why not? I like 'em both, and let's face it, so do you. That's why you clicked that link.

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