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March 2008

ARIA: Accessible Rich Internet Applications - MDC

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ARIA, formerly known as DHTML accessibility, is a standard being developed at W3C - World Wide Web Consortium

February 2007

Orbeon Forms User Guide - Welcome

Orbeon Forms is an open source forms solution that handles the complexity of forms typical of the enterprise or government. It is brought to standard web browsers (including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera) thanks to Ajax technology, with no need for client-side software or plugins. Orbeon Forms allows you to build fully interactive forms with features that include as-you-type validation, optional and repeated sections, always up-to-date error summaries, PDF output, full internationalization, and controls like auto-completion, tabs, dialogs, trees and menus.

May 2006

Validateur W3C Multipages pour une validation de site XHTML

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Validez votre site Web en entier grâce à l'outil de validation W3C multipages complètement ajaxifié. Impressionnant !

January 2006

Developing Ajax Applications That Preserve Standard Browser Functionality

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a few critical voices have pointed out that Ajax applications break several important browser features, including support for the back/forward button

A List Apart: Articles: Web 3.0

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If Steven created the site with CGI and Perl and used tables for layout, [...]. But if Steven used AJAX and Ruby on Rails, Yahoo will pay millions and Tim O’Reilly will beg him to keynote.