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February 2007


iTuneMyWalkman is an iTunes script that will help you synchronize the contents of iTunes playlists with your mobile phone or other portable device. The purpose is to make this happen as automatically as possible, almost like it does with an iPod or an iTunes-compatible Motorola phone. The script is able to detect automatically when you connect your phone.

W850i, iSync et reconnaissance du système ! - Forums MacBidouille

j'ai fait mon propre plugin iSync pour mon w850i si ça peut vous interresser c'est un installeur donc facile comme tout :

January 2007

W850i - Phone setup - - - Sony Ericsson

We send the settings to your phone in a text message (SMS). All you have to do is fill in a short form with your product name, phone number, network operator and other information. When you receive the settings, press "Yes" to install. Easy. - Sony Ericsson Phone Plugins for iSync v2.3 K800 K610 W850 V630 W300 K790 Z610 Z710 K510 Z550 W710 K618 K320

These are Phone Plugins for iSync 2.3 to enable Address Book and iCal syncing for various new Sony Ericsson phones that are currently not supported in iSync 2.3.

December 2006

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