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SOAP sur un terrain glissant...


REST vs. SOAP at Amazon

Amazon has both SOAP and REST interfaces to their web services, and 85% of their usage is of the REST interface. Despite all of the corporate hype over the SOAP stack, this is pretty compelling evidence that developers like the simpler REST approach.

O'Reilly Network -- Stewart Butterfield on Flickr

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I think we had one person inquire about using the SOAP version of the API. I don't know if any apps were actually built. There is at least one application built on XML-RPC. But all the others--I don't even know how many there are--are built on the REST AP

WSO2 Web Services Framework for PHP | WSO2 Oxygen Tank

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WSO2 WSF/PHP is a complete solution for building and deploying Web services, and is the only PHP extension with the widest range of WS-* specification implementations


Pete Lacey’s Weblog :: What is SOA?

Once again the participants in the SOA discussion group have got themselves all riled up about what exactly SOA is and why it may or may not be working.

REST vs. WS-*: War is Over (If You Want It) :: David Chappell :: Blog

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REST is for data-oriented applications that focus on create/read/update/delete scenarios. Solution based on WS-* for service/method-oriented applications, especially those that need more advanced behaviors such as transactions and more-than-basic security

The hidden battle between web services: REST versus SOAP

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Almost everyone has at least heard of SOAP. Few people have heard of REST. But both are jockeying for the mindshare of developers trying solve problems building applications on the web. REST by virtue of existing, and SOAP largely by virtue of backing by software vendors and standards bodies.

WS-Transfer for WCF (Indigo) - The Code Project - SOAP and XML

A WS-Transfer interaction is based on the REST architectural style (it looks like its SOAP implementation) where four interfaces can handle the creation and operation of the resource state. There is a CRUD (Create/Retrieve/Update/Delete) style in the resource state, the same way it is in the database layer - database record.

Radovan Janecek: Nothing Impersonal: Mental Exercise

Is HTTP GET/POST enough for you? Fine. Then you are simply not the 'right target' for web services evangelists ;-)

Radovan Janecek: Nothing Impersonal: September 2004 Archives

Will there be still 97% of simple REST services on the web then? Yes, sure. WS-* does not compete with browser-oriented applications or simple-get-then-do-regexp interactions

Sam Ruby: Tolerance

acceptable levels of tolerance differ depending on whether or not a given operation is safe or not

Ian Foster: Web Fundamentalism

A hallmark of fundamentalism is a desire to apply simple rules ("programs are declarative," "there is no operation but POST", "services are stateless") to all situations. But computing is a large and varied world, with few opportunities for absolutist statements.

to implement Web Services Security with the X.509 Certificate Profile, you also need to implement XML Signature (which includes XML Canonicalization and XML Exclusive Canonicalization) and XML Encryption. To correctly handle imports of WSDL1.1 documents (and validate the traffic they describe), you need to support the entire behemoth that is XML Schema -- in particular if you are attempting to support RPC-oriented SOAP, which informally requires you to support the entire XML Schema Datatypes specification. Don't forget support for SOAP with Attachments, either!


» Amazon's SOA strategy: 'just do it' | Service-Oriented Architecture |

It doesn't matter if a partner uses REST or SOAP, he pointed out. "Our developers don't care if it's REST or SOAP. It's all about customers," he said.

The Cafes » REST vs. WS-*: A Parable

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A couple of years ago Water Supply-Strategic Tactical Air Recycling (WS-STAR) opened up a branch in our town. WS-* (as my IM crazy kids would type) came about from the merger of Secure Operations Air and Power (SOAP) with Expert Machine Lubrication: Radiators, Power, and Cooling (XML-RPC).

eXist : Une base de données XML interrogeable avec XPath et XQuery

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eXist peut non seulement s'intégrer très facilement dans une application Java (via une servlet - XQueryServlet -, un composant Cocoon - XQueryGenerator - , ou l'utilisation de l'API XML:DB), mais elle peut également être utilisée dans de nombreux autres langages grâce à ses API REST et XML-RPC. Il existe d'ailleurs des API Pyhon et PHP

REST wins, no-one goes home []

Let’s be realistic. No software architecture can truly withstand implementation. REST is really great, but on the web, there is plenty of detail work to be cleared out, like push, containership, encoding, side-effected GETs, curse-of-popularity, queuing, 2 versus 4 methods, universal format junk, and authentication, among others. I could go on, it’s messy out there.


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how to handle an internal product debate around REST vs. SOAP


What if SOAP had never happened?

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SOAP and its ever-growing family of specifications emerged because vendors needed something more concrete than design services to sell their customers, and because the hype wave around XML had promised too much that couldn't be delivered immediately.

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