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05 February 2007 09:15

ongoing · Tag Scheme?

For the tags to be interoperable and meaningful across weblogs, one could start using '' as the scheme

25 January 2007 16:30

Ladies and gentlemen : Machine tags

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We are rolling out a new feature called "machine tags" that allows users to be more precise in how they tag, and how they search, their photos.

25 January 2007 11:45

geobloggers » Blog Archive » Advanced Tagging and TripleTags

Users are great and smart and do cool stuff, you can’t stop them. Therefore it’s no surprise to see them constantly pushing things to the limit, and this is why we’re seeing the start of curious tagging methods.

25 January 2007 11:15

23 December 2006 09:00

04 December 2006 14:30

adaptive path » tagging vs. cataloging: what it's all about

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Tags have taken the internet by storm. Where once the question was “what are they,” now all people want to know is whether a given site offers them. But what are the actual benefits of tags? What motivates millions of Flickr, and blog users to add tags to their photos and posts? And what is it about tags and tagging that gets information architects and user experience professionals so excited?

26 April 2005 09:15

Tag Ontology Writeup

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The goal of this ontology is to model the relationship between an agent, an arbitrary resource, and one or more tags. This relationship is embodied in one or more taggings, which are temporal events associating the actors.