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The Evolution of Privacy on Facebook

Si vous n'avez pas encore compris que Facebook dévoille petit à petit votre vie privée à votre insu, voilà qui devrait aider...

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AirSnare - Intrusion Detection Software for Windows

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"AirSnare will alert you to unfriendly MAC addresses on your network and will also alert you to DHCP requests taking place."

Les allemands abandonnent IE au profit de Firefox

« Looking at the chart below, we can see that over the past few days there has been a huge increase in the number of Firefox downloads from IE users in Germany. » Et en France ?

November 2009

October 2009

Perspectives : Firefox Extension

"an extension to the popular Firefox browser that contacts network notaries whenever your browser connects an HTTPS website"

Tor : Un système de connexion anonyme à Internet

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"Tor est un logiciel libre et un réseau ouvert qui aide à la défense contre l'analyse de trafic"

September 2009

Mashup security

The mashup development model enables a vast array of possibilities for the Web landscape. This openness, however, presents a plethora of new security vulnerabilities. Discover tips and techniques for addressing some of these problems.

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Explaining the OAuth Session Fixation Attack

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For everyone involved, this was a first-of-a-kind experience: managing a specification security hole (as opposed to a software bug) in an open specification, with an open community, and no clear governance model. Where do you even begin?

OAuth: 2009.1

A session fixation attack against the OAuth Request Token approval flow (OAuth Core 1.0 Section 6) has been discovered.