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Scripting News: How to reboot RSS

Maybe now that everyone agrees that Google Reader is behind us, we can start thinking about how to make news really work, learning from what we like about Twitter and Facebook. That's what I hope.

2009 NetNewsWire 3.2 beta

NetNewsWire 3.2b6 syncs with Google Reader, adds a new Send to Instapaper command, and shows off a brand-new app icon by RogueSheep.

zcopley's tricklepost at master - GitHub

Tricklepost tries to mitigate the impedance mismatch between RSS/Atom feeds and microblogs.

SublimaCtion : I’m nice, I share…

Voici un extrait des blogs d’Agence que j’ai trouvé par-ci par-là et que je lis régulièrement via Goog Reader. Si vous avez d’autres bonnes adresses à me partager, je suis preneur !



Flickr2Photocast is a tool that generates an iPhoto-compatible photocast feed from Flickr containing up to 500 images in their original format/resolution (i.e. this is better than the standard Flickr RSS feed).

ted: torrent episode downloader

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ted can find episodes of any TV show you like to watch. Just add your favorite shows to ted and he will search for the newest episodes and downloads them for you. ted uses bittorrent and RSS technology to get you the newest episodes as fast as possible!


PicLens - Enable

We've made it really easy for photo content on any site to be viewable in PicLens. If you manage a website and want to offer your users a superior photo experience, all you have to do is add a Media RSS feed to your pages.

Authentic RSS Editing Solution Case Study

« Altova, the XML market leader and creator of XMLSpy, needed a simple and effective way to create RSS feeds for its marketing staff to publish information about new content on the corporate Web site. » Ils repasseront, pour la simplicité... dingue !

Flickr user favorites feed -

If you know a few Flickr users that have great favorites, it is pretty uneasy to check them on a daily (or weekly at least) basis. I don't know why Flickr doesn't provide RSS (and/or Atom) feeds for that yet, but I have made it available from outside thanks to the Flickr API. This script adds a link to a RSS feed for a Flickr user's favorites...

FavFeeder feed icon in Flickr favorites -

If you know a few Flickr users that have great favorites, it is pretty uneasy to check them on a daily (on weekly at least) basis. I don't know why Flickr doesn't provide RSS (and/or Atom) feeds for that yet, but Carlos Cardoso have made it available from outside thanks to its FavFeeder

FeedLight | BrokenLogic

FeedLight is a stylesheet for NetNewsWire and Vienna.

Veille Perso - YouTube Feeds Generator

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Youtube provide an RSS feed per user of uploaded videos, but doesn't provide any feed for your personal favorites videos or your playlists. They only provide an API to get access to such informations. So this tools use the Youtube API to generate thoses missing YouTube RSS feeds.


This paper is about a service bus, a really simple one. What we will describe is a service bus based on RSS, or Really Simple Syndication: a simple protocol for disseminating news on the Internet which has been especially successful in the blogging world. RSS is a basic structure, or protocol for producing information feeds, usually consisting of news headlines. Many people will say that there is nothing enterprise about RSS, and indeed it is often assumed that RSS is too simple to be useful for anything but news.

Socialist - Truly social bookmarking

Socialist takes the experience of social bookmarking through to a new level. Subscribe to RSS feeds, your favorite tags, and your friend's bookmarks in a friendly Mail-like interface. Socialist gives you access to your bookmarks from any Mac, and online (through Assign tags to websites and never worry about unorganized bookmarks again!

Scripting News: 1/2/2007

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In the dustup over Microsoft's RSS patents, some of the mainstream press brought up, once again, the issue of Who Invented RSS. But RSS doesn't have an inventor. It wasn't invented. Something else happened, something harder than invention, imho -- an activity that we don't have a word for in the English language.


Democracy - Internet TV Platform - Free and Open Source

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Stop squinting at tiny web video. Instead, download and watch all the best internet TV shows in one powerful application: any video RSS feed, video podcast, video blog, or BitTorrent file. Fullscreen, high resolution, 100% free and open source. New channels arrive daily in the built-in Channel Guide.

Particletree · Replacing Trackback with Blog Search

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Currently, there are three methods for keeping track of what people are saying about your words. The first is to check your referral logs to see what sites are being used to get to your words, the second is to use Trackbacks and hope your fellow blogger is savvy enough to understand the concept so that you can follow it right on your own web site and the last is to go out there and find it with a search engine like Technorati, Ice Rocket, PubSub or Google Blog Search.

Rewarding 304s (Faster Feed Refreshing) : FeedLounge

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If a feed serves up 304 Not Modified HTTP response when there is nothing new (saving bandwidth on both ends and processing time for FeedLounge), FeedLounge could reward the subscribers of that feed by updating that feed more often.

En attendant Windows Vista, la version 3.0 du framework .NET donne plus de visibilité à WinFX - Weblog - Clever Age

Ayant déjà pris plusieurs fois du retard, la sortie de Windows Vista se précise néanmoins, au travers notamment de la mise à disposition anticipée de plusieurs de ses composants techniques. : RSS et syndication (2)

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Ce qui suit détaille diverses possibilités pour accéder à, produire ou syndiquer des flux RSS. : RSS et syndication (1)

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On parle en général de "syndication de contenu" pour désigner la possibilité de republier sur un site Web - en principe de façon automatisée - du contenu provenant d'un autre site Web

Feed43 (Feed For Free) : Convert any web page to news feed on the fly

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This free online service converts any web page to an RSS feed on the fly

FeedLounge s’ouvre enfin au public impatient et enterre directement ses concurrents - Gastero Prod

Si vous n’en avez pas encore entendu parler, FeedLounge est un aggrégateur de flux de syndication en ligne, à la manière de Bloglines, Google Reader et autres. La différence, c’est qu’il est beau et facile à utiliser !