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Le guide Ujjef de la relation entreprise/agence

"La Commission des agences de l'Ujjef, à l'initiative de ce guide, a constitué des groupes de réflexion composés de responsables d'agences et de responsables de communication d'entreprise, pour une mise en commun des attentes et des compétences de chacun. "


Flickr: Discussing Pipe: My Flickr relationships in Flickr! Pipes

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Using this application, you may list your contacts with whom you have a specific (mutual) relationship. For example, you may want to see who of your friends has marked you as a friend, or rather who of your contacts does not list you as a contact, etc.

Transnets » Blog Archive » Réseaux amoureux et sexuels dans une high school

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Ce graphique représente les relations amoureuses et sexuelles de toute une high school. Impressionnant !


Tag Ontology Writeup

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The goal of this ontology is to model the relationship between an agent, an arbitrary resource, and one or more tags. This relationship is embodied in one or more taggings, which are temporal events associating the actors.

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