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Gravatar runs on PHP, previously on Rails

Privilégier les compétences internes, plus que la hype : "Our decision on this matter had nothing to do with Ruby, or Rails — in fact we have a great respect for both! The reason [...] we switched is that PHP is our core competency at Automattic."

Comment bien gérer la montée en charge d’une application web ? | Simple Entrepreneur

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Voici quelques pistes qui seront particulièrement utiles à ceux qui développent une application dans un environnement LAMP (Linux, Apache, Php et MySql) ou RoR (Ruby On Rails). Il s’agit en fait des retours d’expérience de sites comme Flickr, Digg


WSGI makes us faster, simpler, nicer! « DevjaVu Blog

With mod_php you can assume that if Apache is up, the app is up. [...] mod_wsgi, boasted faster performance than mod_python, and was easier to configure. I realized Trac had WSGI support. Pages are loading almost twice as fast! Our setup is simpler too.

2006 :: Articles :: Rails-inspired PHP frameworks

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There are various articles online examining many PHP frameworks, providing short reviews or comparative charts, but I could not find yet an article examining the so called “Rails-inspired frameworks” anywhere on the web, so I decided to write my own…


Cake PHP framework: Home

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Cake is a framework for PHP, based on Rails. It's aim is to aid programming web applications.

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