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hartija - Google Code

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universal Cascading Style Sheets for web printing by uniting all best CSS printing practises into one

Ads of the World: Creative Advertising Archive & Community | Your Daily Dose of Creativity from Around the World

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Ads of the World is a commercial advertising archive and community showcasing the best and most interesting creative work worldwide.


Un p'tit coup de pouce ? - Gastero Prod

J’ai décidé de me prendre par la main et de proposer certaines de mes photos dans des publications plus ou moins connues et répandues. Votre aide serait la bienvenue... ;-)


Footnote Links ¬ Easy Designs

This script builds a list of URIs (hrefs or citations) from any tags within a specified container and appends the list (as footnotes) to the document in a specified location.

Eric's Archived Thoughts: When Printing Kills

“tags” is effectively a reserved keyword, even though no such concept exists in (X)HTML. Use it at your (users’) peril.

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