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Search Engine Ranking Factors | SEOmoz

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Every two years, SEOmoz surveys top SEO experts in the field worldwide on their opinions of the algorithmic elements that comprise search engine rankings.

La violation des droits d'auteur augmente les ventes (Ecrans)

Un groupe de musique booste sa popularité après qu’un de leur titre soit apparu dans un clip sans autorisation.


Cloudalicious - Watching Tag Clouds Over Time

Amusant de voir comment le tag "ajax" s'est installé doucement mais surement...

Popular International Flickr Tags and Photos

(via) maintains a page of the most popular tags, but the list is mainly in english, so I decided to see if i could find a list of the most popular international tags, by translating the most popular tags in english into other languages to see whether those tags were just as popular in the various languages that supports, heres the result of my investigation so far, its still a work in progress, the tags need to be sorted in the correct order and i am going to provide a count of photos listed with each tag

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