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PSDTuts - Photoshop Tutorials and Links - Super Fast and Easy Facial Retouching

In this tutorial I will show you how to repair some image noise from a low quality shot and I will show you an extremely quick and easy way to smooth out a person's face.


Tutorial Photoshop CS / Photoshop 7.0 : Retouche Photo : Traitement croisé C41 en E6

Le principe du traitement croisé est de développer un film inversible dans une chime pour négatif (E-6 en C-41), ou moins connu, l'inverse un film négatif dans une chimie pour diapo (C-41 en E-6). C'est ce dernier qui est ici simulé avec Photoshop.


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theimagingfactory creates tools for digital imaging. Here you will find a variety of Photoshop plugins for both Mac OS & Windows to cover most of your digital imaging needs.


Rapid Fire #1: Photo-Realistic at SixThings

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Make your digital images more convincing and lifelike with just a handful of gradients and custom shadows. Once you’re done, your pictures will look like real photo prints, you’d swear they popped out of the screen.

Fake model photography

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With a very little effort, you can take existing photographs of everyday scenes and make it look like they're actually of miniature models