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SlideShowPro / Products / SlideShowPro

"SlideShowPro is a photo and video slideshow player that can be embedded at any web site. It is used by tens of thousands of photographers, web designers and developers to present dynamic media content in a flexible, customizable interface. "

Cleaning up the mess – culling images in Lightroom | X-Equals - image, workflow, technology, business

"Remember, just because you shot it does not mean you have to keep it. Only keep your best, because anything less should not consume your time."


Finally, Geoencoding in Lightroom! Announcing my GPS-Support Plugin

A plugin for Adobe Lightroom, “Jeffrey's GPS Support”, that adds support for Geoencoding photos from within Lightroom


Bienvenue à la beta publique de Lightroom 2.0

Voici enfin ce que nous attendions tous, la nouvelle mise à jour majeure de Lightroom, sous la forme d’une 2.0 en beta publique