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Géolocalisation dans iPhoto '09

Il ne manque plus que l'ingestion d'un fichier de traces GPS pour localisation automatique et ce sera bien. La même chose dans Lightroom, ce serait top !


Good Shot Or Not -- Rate Your Photos and Compare Your Gear!

Mes photos favorites sur « Good Shot Or Not », un n-ième clone de HotOrNot...


Sharpcast » Photos

An amazingly effortless photos software and service combination that does everything, all by itself. Free desktop photo organizer software that lets you share and receive original images right from your desktop, chat about your photos with friends and create fun group albums without even using a web browser. And, it stays automatically in sync with a free online photos account where you can view, share and manage your albums from anywhere.


flickRate - Enhanced favorites for Flickr

by 9 others
flickRate is an attempt to give flickr a rating system that enhances the default favorites system. A similar system can be found for example on