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Optimisation des performances de PHP sous Oracle et OCI8 : Ergonomie, Rails et Architecture de l'information web (2.0)

excellente présentation faite par Oracle traitant de l’optimisation des performances de PHP dans un environnement base de données Oracle avec le driver OCI8


PDO 1.0RC2 released via PECL - Evil, as in Dr.

I released the next release candidate for PDO tonight

Introduction to PHP 5 PDO - SitePoint PHP Blog

Although there are already some PHP database abstraction classes available, the advantage of PDO is that it will be available in any PHP installation (so long as it is enabled) at runtime, without any need for recompiling. In addition, since it has been written from scratch specifically for PHP 5, it has a high level of performance. And if you are like me and often only want the key features, then PDO provides all the essential functions you need to connect to different databases. If you need the "full works", then the PEAR MDB2 package can handle that. Service Data Objects for PHP extension

IBM travaille vraiment avec Zend à l'amélioration de PHP, ça fait plaisir !

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