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March 2006

A Complete Guide To Web Analytics Solutions » Conversion Rater

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The web analytics space is not an easy one to navigate as there are numerous companies and product types which will fit your needs differently. In order to help find the way through it all, I’ll map out the options as they currently stand.

Liste d'outils utiles pour le référencement - Web Rank Info ™

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Au vu du grand nombre d'outils présent sur internet qui permettent d'analyser différentes choses, je trouve que ça serait pas mal d'en regrouper un maximum sur un post particulier ce qui permetterait de si retrouver un peu plus...

November 2005

Spip Outils | Petites explications

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Un client multi plateforme pour simplifier l'installation de SPIP. Sympa !

September 2005

Article de Luc Saint-Elie, le retour de la revanche - Standblog - Tristan Nitot sur les standards du W3C, les navigateurs et la technologie

Voici enfin une bonne synthèse à froid de l'état des lieux des standards du web, suite au troll immense de Luc Saint-Elie, « journaliste » et blo(a)gueur...

April 2005


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Oberkampf beta is a set of a php tools that will allow you to paste certain functions into your files that result in some form of flickr result and display. You are probably here because you want some sort of custom gallery on your website that runs off your account. If you don't want a gallery you can also come take a look. Oberkampf has many different functions you can jam on. Oberkampf was created so that my friends and I could have a easy way to build custom photo galleries and feeds from our accounts. Simple is key.


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CMS léger (PHP, MySQL) pour publier un photoblog.

February 2005

January 2005