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Equidistant Objects with CSS - CSS-Tricks

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Creating a horizontal row of objects that are equidistant from each other is another one of those things in web design that is much more difficult than it should be. This can be a very useful thing to do, especially in fluid width layouts when you are try


Colis Petits objets, petits prix : Services-Vie-sociale - UFC Que Choisir

L'Autorité de régulation des communications électroniques et des postes (Arcep) a tranché en faveur des consommateurs : La Poste ne peut pas interdire à un client d'expédier un objet en tarif lettre.

Andres Aguiar's Weblog : Workflow and Rich Object Frameworks

Les workflows comme compléments des objets pour la logique applicative...


Promotional products: ambassadors in your customers’ environment - Marketing Planet

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In this interview, Stéphane Jousset from Pamina, explains to Marketing Planet readers how to make best use of promotional products: turn them into ambassadors of your company. Between Asian products, luxury, delays, budget and the services of an agency, it will all be unveiled to you.

objets : créer une classe (2)

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Créer une classe et des objets en Javascript

Presistence Object

Création d'objets persistants en PHP

Mixins for PHP

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I find mixins very useful in other languages. In Ruby, any class that implements the each method can utilize the Enumerable mixin. Enumerable is a class containing functions which use the each method including: find, grep, and reject. The functions are mixed into the new class's set of functions. Incidentally, that PHP does not implement mixins natively is not a criticism of PHP. PHP's design goals are different from Ruby's.

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