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August 2008

AquaticPrime: Secure Your Shareware Applications

The AquaticPrime framework is a secure registration method for your shareware applications, released as free open-source software.

May 2008

Matt Legend Gemmell – Cocoa Source Code

This page contains some of my Cocoa/Objective-C source code for fellow Mac OS X developers.

March 2008

BecomeAnXcoder | CocoaLab

Bert Altenburg, author of AppleScript for Absolute Starters, in co-operation with Alex Clarke and Philippe Mougin, has released a book for newcomers to Cocoa programming using Objective-C and XCode.

January 2007

Mac OS X S3 Browser

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S3 browser is a Mac OS X administration tool for the Amazon S3 data storage service. My goal is to build a small application useful in itself for developers or users subscribed to the S3 service, but also to provide example code showing how to access S3 through the REST API in a OS X Objective-C client application, on top of OS X technologies (Keychain, URL loading system, ...).

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