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Avoiding CSS hacks using Javascript - Valentin Agachi: web developer

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Flash contre HTML5 : 3, 2, 1 partez !

"Le plus économe demeure le couple Safari/HTML5 qui ne consomme que 12 % des ressources processeur. Pour effectuer la même tâche, le duo Safari/Flash s’accapare 37 % du temps processeur"

February 2010

January 2010

Les allemands abandonnent IE au profit de Firefox

« Looking at the chart below, we can see that over the past few days there has been a huge increase in the number of Firefox downloads from IE users in Germany. » Et en France ?


amebench hunts down the fastest DNS servers available for your computer to use


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Browserscope is a community-driven project for profiling web browsers. The goals are to foster innovation by tracking browser functionality and to be a resource for web developers.

December 2009

24 ways: Ignorance Is Bliss

By showing neither a static image of my design, I set none of the false expectations that, by definition, a static Photoshop or Fireworks visual would have established.

November 2009 » The Real “Why XHTML” Discussion

"Molly Holzschlag asked me if I’d try and clearly and simply explain why XML parsing is advantageous and why XHTML still is relevant. This was my answer."

Flash Player Express Install FAQs

"Express Install uses the existing Flash Player to upgrade users to the latest version of the Player when it is required for viewing content. As a developer, this means that you have the ability to not only detect when users do not have the latest version of Flash Player, but you can initiate an update that securely installs the latest version of the Player from the Adobe web site."

jQuery Flash Plugin » Javascript

"Inspiré par SWFObject, UFO et sIFR, jQuery Flash Plugin a été complètement réécrit via jQuery pour éviter les redondances telles que recherche des éléments par leurs sélecteurs, la détection du navigateur, détection de Flash et améliorer les temps de chargement (si vous utilisez déjà jQuery, bien entendu)"

October 2009

Opera: State of the Mobile Web report

"Every month Opera conducts the definitive analysis of the key trends affecting the mobile Web worldwide. We publish these findings as the State of the Mobile Web."

July 2009

Mac 4 Ever : L'iPhone détient 49 % du trafic web mobile pour les smartphone

« iPhone [est] rien moins que leader mondial, avec 49 % de part de marché, loin devant Nokia et ses 32 % ou RIM et ses 7%. »

April 2009

Alkaline - Litmus

Alkaline tests your website designs across 17 different Windows browsers right from your Mac desktop in seconds. No need for virtual machines, Windows licenses, or any messing around with Windows Update.

PicLens | Immersive Slideshows Across the Web

PicLens est enfin disponible pour Firefox sur Mac, et en plus avec la nouvelle navigation 3D, youhouuu !!!