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Business Process Modeling Language

"BPML was designed as a formally complete language, able to model any process, and, via a BPMS, deployed as an executable software process without generation of any software code. This is not possible with BPEL, since BPEL is not a complete process language."



Architecture d'entreprise : la tour de Babel - BPMS - BPM - BPA - Management des processus

On assiste [...] à une babélisation dans ce domaine : description des processus métiers avec des outils et des modèles propriétaires ( Mega , IDS Scheer Aris, ....), modélisation des couches applicatives en UML, des couches d'infrastructure en Visio, etc.


Azzurri Clay - Database Modeling in Eclipse

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Clay is a database design tool that runs as a plug-in in the Eclipse ( development environment. Clay has an intuitive user interface for graphically designing database models. Clay can also create a database model by reverse engineering an existing database. Furthermore, Clay generates the SQL (DDL) code appropriate for your database.

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