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January 2006

Smoother Surfing - Newsweek: International Editions -

Même Newsweek parle d'Ajax, Wow !!! : « A grab bag of programs called Ajax could threaten the dominance of Microsoft and desktop software. »

October 2005

ASP.NET Web: The Official Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 Site : Home Page

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ASP.NET “Atlas” is a package of new Web development technologies that integrates an extensive set of client script libraries with the rich, server-based development platform of ASP.NET 2.0.

September 2005

The Web Standards Project

IE7 will include a native XMLHTTPRequest object for Javascript applications - no ActiveXObject needs to be created

August 2005

Simple Talk » Blog Archive » Asynchronous client script callbacks

With the upcoming release of ASP.NET V2.0, however, Microsoft focused on useability. This is evident when implementing common tasks and more complex technologies. In fact, ASP.NET V2.0 contains out-of-the-box support for asynchronous client script callbacks and provides a fairly simple way to register the callback methods, invoke them, and handle any associated errors.

June 2005

Microsoft To Release Ajax Functionality for ASP.NET

Microsoft has announced an AJAX based programming framework is being developed to provide asynchronous Javascript based callback for ASP.NET applications. This project, code named Atlas, will make use of existing callback features in ASP.NET 2.0 as well as new features such as multicast event handlers, new UI controls such as autocomplete text boxes, and a core framework of common functionality.

Could Ajax Wash Away 'Smart Clients'?

There's more than one way to write a powerful client app. Just ask the Google and Flickr folks.