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Microformats Bookmarklet › Left Logic

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Click on the bookmarklet once it has been saved, to bring up an overlay window of all the hCards and hCalendars within the current page.


Alex Faaborg - » Web 2.0 Expo Presentation

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What are microformats? Why does Mozilla care about microformats? What does a microformat-aware Web browser look like? Why should Web sites expose their content using microformats?

WebCards - Browser Extension to Rolodex People, Events, Bookmarks and more...

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WebCards is a browser extension that finds people to play with, events to attend and places to go.

24 ways: Marking Up a Tag Cloud

Everyone‘s doing it. The problem is, everyone’s doing it wrong

Tagcloud uf? at microformatique - a blog about microformats and “data at the edges”

here is a very first stab at an hTagcloud microformat proposal. Some of it is contingent on the resolution of the issues outlined above and summarized below.

Mozilla Labs Blog » Blog Archive » Introducing Operator

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Mozilla Labs is releasing Operator, a microformat detection extension developed by Michael Kaply at IBM. Operator demonstrates the usefulness of semantic information on the Web, in real world scenarios.

Microformats Icons -- The brilliant work of Wolfgang Bartelme

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Make your own microformat icons and add them to the wiki with Wolfgang's excellent Icon DevKit. Contains both Photoshop and Illustrator vector content.

tagspeak-examples - Microformats

tagspeak is the way in which ordinary people construct tags [Cheat Sheet]

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This is a very early iteration of a microformats cheat sheet. It lists the properties by format and also lists each format and the hierarchy. This includes elemental microformats, compound microformats and some of the standard design patterns used.


Le Web Sémantique en entreprise : comment et à quels niveaux ? - Clever Link - Clever Age

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Au final, le Web Sémantique semble sans doute d’un interêt encore limité pour les petites organisations qui ne manipulent qu’une quantité très limitée de données privées. Mais, pour les structures ammenées à manipuler des données diverses, ou pour celles qui souhaitent partager leurs données, le Web sémantique soulève à coup sûr des enjeux stratégiques majeurs et immédiats


rest/ahah - Microformats

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AHAH is a very simple technique for dynamically updating web pages using JavaScript. It involves using XMLHTTPRequest to retrieve (X)HTML fragments which are then inserted directly into the web page, whence they can be styled using CSS

90% Crud: Greasemonkey and Microformats

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a Greasemonkey user script that will find those hCalendar events and provide a link to import them into any calendar program that supports the iCalendar format

Usable Microformats »Articles » UsableType: Web Typography Guide

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If you’re relatively new to microformats, then this article was written with you in mind. You don’t need to have any prior knowldege to understand what’s going on here; in fact, it’s probably best if you don’t.


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In the true spirit of the web, microformats are designed for humans first, taking advantage of what works today. Built on exisiting standards such as XML and XHTML, microformats are a new way of thinking about markup, exposing the visible data that’s already in page content.