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Redirecting email whilst developing – Rob Allen's DevNotes

Comment récupérer automatiquement tout mail sortant d'une application, pour tracer et débugguer


PHP Growl Notifications

PHP-Growl is a PHP class that makes sending Growl notifications over a network easy.


Typocalypse - a set on Flickr

subliminal messages these fonts are feeding you...

Mozilla Labs » Blog Archive » Introducing Snowl

Snowl is an experiment, a prototype Firefox extension that integrates messaging into the browser based on a few key ideas


Amazon Web Services Developer Connection : Test Utility for Amazon SQS in PHP

This is a simple PHP 5 application demonstrating the basics of how to interact with Amazon SQS

Reliable Messaging with MSMQ and .NET

This article describes how to use recoverable messages, transactions (alone or combined with database transactions), and acknowledgements with MSMQ and the Microsoft .NET Framework

Architecting Industry Standards for Service Orientation

Many messages that flow among businesses are formatted to specific industry standards. As we move toward Web services and service orientation the payloads can add value to the messaging infrastructure in a flexible, interoperable, composable way.