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August 2008

EyeSight - capture pictures with your iSight camera

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Capture pictures periodically from 10 seconds to 999 days, use it as webcam, watch rooms or whatever you like to do

May 2008

vidnik - Google Code

Vidnik is the quickest, simplest, way to make movies using the built - in camera on your Macintosh and upload those movies to your YouTube account.

August 2007

ProScope HR™ Software

ProScope HR software, for Mac OSX and Windows XP, comes with every ProScope HR and is a free download below

March 2007

Flocking Orchestra (aka DT1) WEB

DT1 is an interactive installation that employs flocking algorithms to produce music and visuals. The user's motions are captured by a video camera and influence the flocks behaviour. Each agent moving in a virtual 3D space controls a MIDI instrument whose playing style depends on the agent's state.

December 2006

iSight Capture

Recently got an iSight camera and could not find a CLI capture utility around. Nobody ever needed or wrote this before ? Most unlikely. Anyway, here is my version