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November 2005

Plogger: The definitive open-source web photo gallery

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Plogger is the next generation in open-source photo gallery systems. A web application not bloated with superfluous features or complicated configuration settings. Plogger is a simple yet powerful tool — everything you need to share your images with the world.

The Open Source WRT54G Story

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The story of the Linksys Wireless-G Router (model WRT54G) and how you can turn a $60 router into a $600 router is a little bit CSI and a little bit Freaks & Geeks.

TinyMCE Javascript Content Editor by Moxiecode Systems AB

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TinyMCE is a platform independent web based Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor control released as Open Source under LGPL by Moxiecode Systems AB. It has the ability to convert HTML TEXTAREA fields or other HTML elements to editor instances. TinyMCE is very easy to integrate into other CMS systems.

Oracle to offer free database | CNET

Oracle intends to release a free version of its database, a reaction to the growing competitive pressure from low-end open-source databases.

October 2005

Lucane Groupware - Comparatif de Groupwares OpenSources

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Comparatif de fonctionnalités des groupwares OpenSource

Eclipse BIRT Home

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Enfin une vraie alternative libre à Crystal Reports ? « BIRT is an open source, Eclipse-based reporting system that integrates with your application to produce compelling reports for both web and PDF. »

PHP Collaboration Project

The PHP Collaboration Project is an open source initiative through which the PHP community and partners will create an industrial-grade PHP Web application development and deployment environment

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Flickr Backup is a utility that allows you to download the pictures you have uploaded to Flickr back down to your computer for personal backup or restore.

Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit

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The Flash / JavaScript Integration kit makes it possible to seamlessly communicate between Flash and JavaScript. You can call JavaScript functions from Flash, and ActionScript functions from JavaScript.

RoundCube Webmail Project

RoundCube Webmail is a browser-based multilingual IMAP client with an application-like user interface. It provides full functionality you expect from an e-mail client, including MIME support, address book, folder manipulation and message filters. RoundCube Webmail is written in PHP and requires the MySQL database. The user interface is fully skinnable using XHTML and CSS 2.

Cry freedom

In the field of software today, one cannot avoid the term "Open Source". You may also have come across the phrase "Free Software", and you may think that the two are synonymous. But they aren't.

Du libre et du gauchisme : une parenté fallacieuse

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Le malentendu est récurrent, dans les milieux de gauche, sur la nature et la position politique des mouvements du libre (logiciel libre et art libre). Nous tâchons ici de dissiper ce malentendu qui se manifeste par des attentes inconsidérées et, semble-t-il, des déceptions entraînant réactions hostiles et sentiment de trahison.

September 2005

Livre blanc : organisations et logiciels libres - Mad's blog

Ce livre blanc se veut un vecteur de communication et de promotion du logiciel libre vers les acteurs du monde des organisations. Sa lecture apporte des éléments irréfutables de la maturité du secteur du logiciel libre dans un cadre professionnel The Official Site of ShrinkTo5

ShrinkTo5 is the new, powerful and fast DVD copying engine. ShrinkTo5 has been developed as a cross-platform engine available for free for anyone. To ensure a fast spreading to other platforms ShrinkTo5 is distributed as open-source.

FramaKey : Main / Index

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La FramaKey est une compilation de Logiciels Libres prêts à l’emploi sur clef USB qui facilite la vie des utilisateurs nomades. Son objectif est de vous proposer les meilleurs des Logiciels Libres, préinstallés et prêts à être utilisés directement depuis votre clef USB. Par conséquent, vous n’avez rien à installer, et l’utilisation des logiciels se fait de façon sécurisée et sans laisser d’informations personnelles sur les machines sur lesquelles vous utilisez votre FramaKey.

Joomla! - Main

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Joomla! is one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems on the planet. It is used all over the world for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. Joomla! is easy to install, simple to manage, and reliable

August 2005

La main au porte-monnaie - Standblog - Tristan Nitot sur les standards du W3C, les navigateurs et la technologie

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Tristan Nitot : « j'ai décidé de faire un don de 30 EUR (ou plus) tous les mois à un projet Libre »

OpenPSA - OpenPSA - Free Management Software for Consultancies

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OpenPSA is a Free, Web-based Management Software Package for Consultancies and Service organizations.

Synapse to spark web services connections

Called Synapse, the Apache-sponsored project aims to define code for a distributed web services intermediary, to handle connectivity, transformation and routing of messages as they flow between service providers and consumers.

SynapseProposal - Incubator Wiki

Synapse will be a robust, lightweight implementation of a highly scalable and distributed service broker / ESB based on Web services specifications.

UMLet Homepage - Free UML Tool

UMLet is an open-source Java tool for rapidly drawing UML diagrams with a light-weight, pop-up-free user interface. UMLet lets you draw diagram sketches fast; export diagrams to eps, pdf, jpg, svg, and system clipboard; share diagrams using Eclipse 3; and create your own custom graphical elements.