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Flickr : Lessons Learned while Building an iPhone Site

There seems to be a new set of frontend rules for developing high-end mobile sites. A lot of the current best practices get thrown out the window in the quest for minimum page weight and fastest load times over slow cellular connections.


Weekend Magazine web 2.0 special | Weekend | Guardian Unlimited

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Même le Guardian fait un numéro spécial sur le Web 2.0, un vrai phénomène de société !


How to generate a case study - Marketing Planet

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Customer case studies are good ways of generating testimonials and good material for promoting your business. Some practical tips of how to create them and make the best use of them.

morguefile :: archive

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Welcome to Jodies Coston's Free Online Photography Course sponsored by the and its contributors. This course is free and open to the public.

Accessible DHTML Technology Preview

Accessible DHTML is now possible due to work that IBM is doing at the W3C, within the Firefox codebase, and with leading assistive technology (AT) vendors. The new standard allows authors to develop desktop-style widgets such as tree views, menu bars and spreadsheets that are accessible both with the keyboard and assistive technologies such as screen readers.

Simple Clearing of Floats - SitePoint Design Blog

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Comment obliger un div à englober visuellement un div qui flotte à l'intérieur sans utiliser de clear

The way forward with Web Standards | Kit |

The MACCAWS white paper on Web standards. This article assembles arguments and information about Web standards into one document and explains Web standards in terms of how they affect business.

A Web Standards Primer | Kit |

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A brief non-technical explanation of Web standards for Web site owners and managers. This article explains the benefits of Web standards, how they work, and how to begin implementing them.

[css-d] CSS signatures

Donner un id au body permet de surcharger la CSS

The Web Standards Project

Adobe, 'Rich Internet Applications' and Standards

Push Vs. Pull - The Battle for the Best CMS [Server Side Essentials]

A content management system (CMS) provides the necessary infrastructure for multiple parties to effectively contribute content and collaborate throughout the information lifecycle.

Build an eCommerce Website with eZ publish [PHP & MySQL Reviews and Apps]

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This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for creating a custom ecommerce site with online credit card processing functionality, using eZ publish.


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Des onglets en CSS et JavaScript

Remove Forebrain and Serve: Tag Clouds II

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L'effet pervers des "tag clouds" selon Zeldman