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Home Zone : sur le chemin de l'automatisation - Le Journal du Mac

Locker automatiquement votre Mac lorsque vous vous éloignez, c'est possible grâce à Home Zone et votre téléphone (ou autre accessoire) Bluetooth

Hack Attack: A beginner's guide to Quicksilver - Lifehacker

Quicksilver is the best productivity application on the market today. Whether we're talking Mac, Windows, or Linux, freeware or shareware, this Mac-only, freeware application launcher-and-then-some is the best productivity booster I have on my computer.


Proxi is designed to let you configure all of your Griffin devices in one easy to use interface. Not only that, but Proxi allows you to define custom hot keys, monitor Mail, iChat, and RSS feeds, execute a repeating task, and much more.